Madonna “Overjoyed” After Adopting Twins Esther and Stella

The Material Girl is in the news again, but this time its for something a bit less ostentatious as usual. She returned to the country of birth for 2 of her previously adopted children and decided to adopt 2 more. Twin girls she has named Stella and Esther.  The will be joining her current brood consisting of Lourdes (20), Roco (16) David (11) and Mercy (11). If her Instagram posts are any indication, they appear to be one big happy family!

Before the adoption went through, the media got suspicious that Madonna was attempting to adopt again though she put down the rumors.  Apparently, they where correct but that’s not all she has done in the impoverished African town.  She also runs a humanitarian foundation there called Raising Malawi that aims to help the countries numerous orphans.  Some may criticize her for her lifestyle but you have got to admit, it is a righteous cause.


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