The Valentine’s Day Conundrum – Couple Up Or Swing It Solo

It’s that time of year again. The time of flowers and candy and everything dandy. Or is it? At SuperStar we decided to make a list. Is Valentine’s Day worth the hassle?

First, lets explore the reasons why being together with your Valentine is twice as sweet:

  • Being in love (lust?) can be fun.  Having someone to snuggle with is definitely a plus.
  • Great food.  Most people go out to eat at a nice restaurant for this special day so your basically guaranteed a good meal.
  • Sweet anticipation.  The perfect day to make a move on your crush and find out that they feel the same. Oh joy!
  • Looking good.  Today is the day to get dressed up and show them what your made of.  Looking good for your mate can help you feel good.
  • Shared happiness.  When you and your special date are both happy and having a good time, its the best of both worlds.

Now let’s move on to why flying Solo is YOLO

  • No guilt.  Maybe your not into hallmark holidays and its just not your thing.  Being solo means no guilt trip.
  • Saves money.  No date means no expensive restaurant, flowers, teddy bear and candy. Money you can put to good use elsewhere.
  • Do what you want. Feel like gaming all night? Go for it.  Feel like pulling an all nighter? Why not! You are alone, you call the shots.
  • Look how you want.  If your in Givenchy or Hanes, it really doesnt matter when you don’t have someone breathing down your neck.
  • Feel how you want. You don’t need to be in love to be happy. You can whistle while you work or cry tears into your pillow. No one could care less (except your mother).

So, as you see, there are pro’s and cons to this lovey dovey holiday and no one but YOU knows whats best.  So tell us…what will you be doing on Valentine’s Day?

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