Beyoncé cancels upcoming headlining Coachella show

I hate to say it, but we all knew it was coming.  As soon as the Queen Bey posted this pic on Instagram we knew exactly what it meant:

There was no realistic way she could have performed at Coachella at the end of April while carrying 2 little Bee’s in the BeyHive. Everyone was shocked she managed to squeeze in a last performance at this years Grammys:

As you can see Beyoncé looks about ready to pop and the twins are not even ready to be born yet! While everyone who bought tickets specifically to see Beyoncé is no doubt heartbroken, I am sure they understand.  Word on the street is they may have already found a replacement (Maybe Lady Gaga?) And as for the rest of us, we get another chance to see her next year, yay!

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