Britney Spears tries on Sexy new Outfits and the Internet goes Wild

It’s Britney B*tch.  She is back in the spotlight after posting a new video on her Instagram account.   The video shows her trying on a series of outfits to the tune of Beyonce’s “Hold Up”.  Check it out:

Another day, another runway 👠👠👠

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You have to admit the woman looks fabulous.

She starts out in a backless white dress that shows off her toned legs to a T. She moves on to Jeans and a Crop Top making it apparent that her enviable abs are still there for the world to enjoy.  Lastly, she model’s a pool blue one arm bandage mini that shows every well defined curve.  This girl’s body is seriously rockin’.

Hey Britney! Gimme gimme more!

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