Happy Woman’s Day! Will you be going to work?

March 8th every year is the day that the international community has decided to cede to the woman.  This year, things are a little different. The political climate is hotter than ever and a large group of woman have chosen this day to take their stand.

They are calling it the Women’s Day of Protest.  The women who put together the Women’s March on Washington have declared it A Day Without a Woman.  And lets not forget about International Women’s Strike USA. I encourage you to click the links to the respective sites to more fully understand what you are being asked to stand for.  They are asking women to stand together and show the world we can affect change.  Many women will be calling out from work and not everyone is happy about the situation.  There are even instances of public schools being closed for the day because there are not enough substitutes to fill the empty seats left by the missing teachers.

So what will you be doing on march 8th? For those that do not have the luxury to call off work, that’s ok.  Hopefully there will be enough strong women able to participate that the world will take a look..and listen.


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