USA’s travel ban could impact their bid to host World Cup, says FIFA president

It seems as though Trump’s travel ban is having even further reaching consequences.  He has attempted yet again under a revised executive order to ban people from “dangerous” muslim majority countries. His revised ban removed Iraq but left Iran, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Sudan and Somalia.

Normally, the US would be a great contender for the World Cup.  We have plenty of cities with the capabilities to host people from around the world.  The teams come to play their hardest and win that trophy so it is a major concern if even 1 athlete is not permitted to enter. FIFA president Gianni Infantino has stated that “Teams who qualify for a World Cup need to have access to the country, otherwise there is no World Cup. That is obvious.”

It’s not just the travel ban to consider.  The US is seeming increasingly hostile to even its own citizens as they come back into the country demanding access to their cellphones and other electronics.  While US Customs and Border Patrol has always had this authority, it appears they have recently ramped up their efforts.  The effect being that our own citizens are putting off travel out of the country to avoid the hassle.  Not to mention the many people who get turned away.

As of this time, a federal judge in Hawaii has blocked execution of the recent revised order.  Do you think that the US is fit to host the upcoming World Cup?

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