Kim Kardashian Says She ”Mentally Prepped” to Be Raped and Shot During Paris Robbery: ”I’m Not Going to Make It Out of Here”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians may not pull as many viewers as when they first came out, but everyone was riveted by what Kim had to say this week.  The newest episode of KUWTK shows Kim describing her horrifying Paris robbery ordeal. Even if you are not a fan of Kim K you could not help but feel absolutely awful for her as she described in detail how the men bound and gagged her. She explains everything running through her mind as the attack is taking place…you just have to watch the promo for the episode yourself:

Tissue please! That is utterly terrifying to imagine.  Kim posted this to her Instagram account as well:

Is it just me, or has everyone noticed a complete change in Mrs. West since this robbery took place? She has definitely taken a step back and re-evaluated things.  What do you think…is it possible this is all for ratings? Or are you convinced this is the real, traumatic deal?

PS- I know this is a somewhat serious post…but was anyone else wondering what in the world is going on with her lips? Is she taking a note out of Kylie’s book or what? I can totally dig the Cher look she is rocking but the perma duck lips is not really my thing. Not a sermon, just a thought!

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