That big chicken video isn’t fake, but it is terrifying

Have you see this chicken everyone is talking about today? If not…your first order of business is to watch the video below:

HOLY CRAPCAKES WHAT THE CLUCK! He is enormous.  They call him, Brahma Chicken. Apparently this is what you get when you mix The Brahma Bull (The Rock) with Foghorn Leghorn.  Goodness!

This thing looks like it could feed a small village. And that’s IF you manage to catch it. I’m pretty sure it would peck your eyes out if you came within 10 feet of it.

Now, some people are eating this behemoth, but I have the feeling this is not the bird being sold at my local Whole Foods. (Though on second thought, these definitely seem to fit the definition “cage free”.)

At any rate, the internet is going crazy over this ginormous foul. What do you think, chicken sandwiches my brother?

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