Demi Lovato laughs off revealing photo: ‘It’s not nude and its just cleavage’

It looks like the recent spat of image hacking has swung around to Demi Lovato. Unlike others in the fray who have lawyered up such as Amanda Seyfried, Demi is just laughing it off. Literally. She posted to her twitter account the laughing with tears emoji and had this to say:

She followed it up with another tweet to state the obvious:

In all honesty, this is the first thought that popped into my mind. Alot of these celebrities make portions of their fame by showing their bodies and sex appeal.  It is not surprising then when people want to see more.  While it is not right to steal compromising images, it is sadly not unexpected either.  And let me add, Demi has a rockin bod!  And she is not ashamed to show it as she mentioned herself. She has posed au natural for several popular mags.  So we applaud Demi for not letting this get under her skin.  Keep it moving, nothing “new” to see here!

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