The Beibs has still got it, $200 million of it!

Whatever you do, however you feel. Do not sleep on the Beiber money making machine. His “Purpose” world tour is on…and according to Billboard he has already made close to $200 Million smackroos.  That’s a whole lot of dough.

All or nothing

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Justin is already rumored to make about the same as baller it girl Taylor Swift who commands around $1 million per show (yes, thats 6 zero’s). It seems an incredible sum for an entertainer prone to diva behavior, drunken stage antics and last minute interview cancellations. But the Belieber’s do not disappoint their own.  And one does have to say, it does seem like he is throwing a pretty good show if you check out all the concert vids on social media.

So, congrats Justin.  Make that paper! Also, you can Click Here if you are looking for Justin Bieber “Purpose” World Tour Tickets!

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