Miley is back! She’s sweet, she’s sober, and she’s loving Liam <3

Miley Cyrus has been laying low as of late but all that may be about to change.  She is back in the news and this time, we are not talking about her gyrating on Robin Thicke or sticking her tongue out in any direction.  She is fully clothed and apparently sober for the moment.  And she is making music again.  Enter Malibu, her  ode to love dedicated to Liam Hemsworth (her on again fiance of old).

2012 Oscar throwback !!!! Ps I look weird!

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She deserves applause for sharing her journey.  She has been on quite a ride, from Hanna Montana to her “Dead Petz”.  It’s nice to see growth in a musician.  Here is hoping these changes she has made are for her self and not to appease anyone else. Also…keep having fun Miley! There’s plenty of ways to live a fun filled life without self destructing.  She seems to be on the right path.  Here, fellow Pop Star Katy Perry shows lots of love to Miley:

Her video for Malibu shows her gaily hopping around grassy fields and prancing about coastal waves. All while singing her heart out in a throw back to her previous country tinged sound. It’s sweet and definitely worth a listen. As Miley herself says in the song: “It’s a brand new start, a dream come true…in Malibu”. Watch her video below:

We are rooting for you Miley! If you are interested in seeing her in concert this summer, Click Here to check out her schedule.



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