Carlos Santana Played at the Finals Game 2 Halftime Show and Shocked Everyone with 1 Line

On Sunday, the Golden State Warriors played against and defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. It felt like this:

😏 #StrengthInNumbers

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Go ahead Golden State! While Durant was making a different kind of music on the court, Carlos Santana was there making his guitar sing as only he can.  The guitar god played a wordless, yet moving rendition of our National Anthem. What seems to be grinding everyone’s gears however, is the fact that he appears to play a certain line twice. Take a listen.

Yowza. Whether or not you appreciated his artistic license, you have to admit it sounded pretty awesome! This man is the epitome of effortless tranquility on strings.  Did you see him checking his amp mid song? Unflappable.  It’s no wonder that Santana is teaming up with the Isley Brothers on a new album, Power of Peace, set to release in August.  A perfect combination of old school cool.

So what do you think? This is not like when Steven Tyler from Aerosmith butchered (sorry Steve) the anthem with a tuneless attempt at music.  This is Carlos freaking Santana, master of the guitar we are talking about here. Don’t you think as long as it sounds good and stay true (for the most part) to the original, its all good?


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